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WebDAV synchro error

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I'm using Enpass on Mac, Windows and iOS, on latest version, and synchronise 3 vault via WebDAV.

And for weeks on each device the webdav sync is completly broken with various error :

No internet connection (but my internet network work very well...)

No data via on webdav (but i can see that the data actually is on webdav...)

The password on webdav is different (but i didn't change the vault's password...)

Synchro error 904035

Synchro error 904036

I tried everything (delete all data of enpass, uninstall and reinstall, used another webdav) and i've always have problems.

I'm tired of this...

Can you help please ?



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Hi @Chris77

Thank you for reaching Enpass.

I understand your concern about the WebDAV sync error codes. Here are some steps you can try and let me know how they turn out:

  1. Firstly, take a manual backup of your data on all the devices.
  2. Now disconnect the WebDAV sync from all your devices.
  3. Now, open the WebDAV app/website → Open Enpass folder → Select vault.enpassdbsync file → Rename it as oldvault.enpassbdsync.
  4. Try to reconnect the WebDAV sync on all the devices.
  5. If sync starts to work fine, you can delete the renamed old backup file from step 3.
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Please share the following details in my direct message so that I can get this issue investigated by our concerned team.

  1. Did you install Enpass from a store or our website?
  2. Share your WebDAV service information?
  3. Are you using multiple vaults? How many items do you have in your Enpass app?
  4. If possible, please create a demo account on your WebDAV service and share its username & password along with the URL.
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