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Wifi Sync Error / Password for the Sync required

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I have been using WiFi Sync for some vaults since some weeks for some IOS Devices. Now i get the following Error on the Windows Desktop Master WiFi Sync.


"Password required for the WiFi Sync server" > Button "Resolve now". I get this error now on the Sharing Master Desktop and all other IOS Devices. I didn´t change the Master Database Password or the Wifi Sync Server AuthKey for this Vault. I have tried the Master PW or AuthKey from Manual Setup. Update Enpass, Reboot PC, Disconnect/Reconnect. But nothing works. Sharing another Vault with Wifi Sync works but not my Standard Vault.

my Version: 6.8.2(1085) - Win10

Any ideas? 




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On 10/10/2022 at 5:44 PM, Manish Chokwal said:

Hey @Prajna Shetty,

I appreciate your efforts in reporting the presence of this issue. In order to resolve this issue, please try the following steps: slope game

  1. Open Enpass on which the Wi-Fi sync server is running.
  2. Disconnect that vault from the Wi-Fi sync.
  3. Connect again.

Many thanks, I can Connect again. 

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