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Change masterpassword and sync to Nextcloud fails


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When I change the masterpassword on a vault on a Win11 desktop that syncs to a Nextcloud server, the Enpass wallet sync fails from that point onward.

The settings dropdown gives last date and time of sync and last attempt. Where last attempt is a failed sync.

I welcome advice and solutions...

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Hi @tlove,

Thank you for reaching  out to us.

Please follow these troubleshooting steps and let me know if the problem persists.

  1. Make sure to take the complete backup of Enpass data and save it locally(in the device which has all the Enpass data saved).
  2. Please disconnect sync from all your devices. While disconnecting sync from desktop, you will have the option "Also, delete data from your Nextcloud". Enable it and click on the Disconnect button.
  3. Now open Enpass and turn on the sync on the devices one by one.

If issue still persists please share the following details so that I can get this issue investigated by our concerned team.

  1. On which device OS are you having this issue?
  2. Are you getting any error code during sync?
  3. Which Enpass version are you using? (Also, is it a store version or website one).
  4. Share the screenshot of the error you are facing.


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  • 6 months later...

Steps to reproduce
Change master password ("normal" password) for your Nextcloud account
Check if clients with separate client password still sync
... won't sync. All client specific passwords are expired.

Expected behaviour
Expecting other clients to continue working

Actual behaviour
All the client specific passwords e.g. for DavDroid, Sync clients, ... are not valid any more, but still existing in the web interface (and not marked as expired!). Nextcloud does not give a hint that they won't work any more, and doesn't tell the user that changing the master password will expire all the other passwords.

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