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Auto-filling serach method

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I've problem with autofilling on my android with some apps.

E.g. I've an account in Raiffeisen Bank, so url in Enpass is

Also I've an app for Android:

the package name of app is ru.raiffeisennews

So every time when I try to use AF in Enpass it says that can't find login for raiffeisennews.ru.
I've added "raiffeisennews" into record name. It didn't help. I've added "raiffeisennews.ru" into the record. It didn't help also (Right name the record name is "Raiffeisen: raiffeisennews.ru".

My questions is - could you add a fuzzy search to the mobile app so that it can easily match the application name and the web address or part of the record name. Or simply add an optional filed like "package name" to the each record in db.


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Hi @Joss,

Thanks for your suggestion for fuzzy search.  Currently, Enpass reverses the package name to find the associated domain name and that domain is used to find all items having a matching url.

We are also adding an option to add package name/url to an item when it is used for autofill after search, so that next time user have that item available without performing search.

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