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Inconsistent Note-managment


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In the android app, one can create a Note, and then add sections and fields afterwards. 

When you're on the road, it's quick to just add a note with relevant text. 

When there's spare time, one might organize the item with adding fields and such. 

But in the desktop apps, you don't get any options to add fields. 

In order to be able to add field to an item after creation, one has to use the template "Misc >>Other". 


Suggestion: make it possible to add sections and fields to a Note also on desktop versions 

Enpass: 6.8.1 

Android 11/Windows 11

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I've just switched from Bitwarden to Enpass without any trouble and I'm happy with this move. But I just notice the button to add a custom field in a note is not showing. Did I miss something or did I just find a bug ? Android version let me add fields in notes...

Keep safe,



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