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Vault on a share - login credentials?


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I have a private cloud server.

On that server I have a share set up

The share requires a login/password to connect to it.

In Windows 10 I access the share using the login/password using File Explorer

In enpass I set up my vault to use that share.

Enpass syncs.


Enpass cannot sync to the vault.

In Windows 10 I access the share using the login/password using File Explorer

Then Enpass can sync.

How do I get enpass to log onto the vault connection?

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In most cases access is via a VPN and the VPN isn't always in use.  Windows can be quite stupid when an application cannot access a drive which would be the case most of the time.  No way for Enpass to store and use the credentials and not go down the mounted drive path?

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No, it's just a basic "folder sync" AFAIK.

Yes network drives over vpns in user-context can be tricky. Windows tries to mount the drive during login and if the VPN isn't up the drive will be disconnected, most file level operation outside the shell Explorer will fail.

You could look at Offline Files perhaps, but then you probably need an active directory with proper domain account and kerberos (don't know if you're using ntlmv2 on a workgroup server or just using a different account for share access).

If you're using this on a personal computer, there's probably easier solutions, like cloud sync, some simple webdav-server at home or Syncthing

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