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AutoFill and connection error when trying to log into Microsoft Websites

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I have been noticing for a few days that logging into Microsoft websites (Outlook.com, Office.com, etc.) is no longer possible. The Enpass Extension no longer performs a login on these sites. When trying to start the extension via the icon, nothing happens anymore.
I also noticed that the extension completely loses the connection to the Enpass app after opening the Microsoft pages and subsequently no longer works on other websites. Only a restart of the Enpass app solves the problem. If a Microsoft website is opened again, the extension loses the connection again.

Enpass Extension 6.8.0 (Safari + Firefox)
Enpass 6.8.3 (AppStore Version)
MacOS 12.6 on M1 MacBook Pro 14"

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I played a little with the settings of the add-on for testing.

In doing so, I noticed that the problem no longer occurs when I disable the "Show popup menu to auto-fill" setting. All other settings have no influence on the problem, also the sync settings of the vault have no influence. Maybe this will help the Enpass team in their analysis.



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