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Can't activate Browser Extension

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Hello, I read in shape and watched videos, but I never managed to activate Browser Extension. I use Linux I saw the documentation and I allowed everything.
 I also made these steps you said:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I Appreciate You for Reporting The Presence of This Issue. In Order to Resolve This Issue, Please Try the Following Steps:

Make Sure You Are Using The Latest Enpass Version and Extension.
Open Enpass Main App → Browser Setting → Enable the Extension.
Open Enpass Main App → Browser Setting → Review Browser → Select Browser Extension → Remove/Delete → Open Browser → Pair Enpass Extension.
You can also try to reinstall the enpass extension.
[TIP: Before Using The Enpass Extension, Make Sure ITS Main App is Running in the Background.]
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I made you a video for you can see anything. What should I do to fix this problem?


Can't activate Browser Extention - Autofilling and Desktop Browser Extensions - Enpass Discussion Forum https://storyxpress.co/video/la02br1rjngd8vyvj



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