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When creating new entry via browser extension, it appears to copy URL instead of password

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I am using the Windows Store version of EnPass on Windows 11. As part of this I use the EnPass browser extension in Microsoft Edge. I have noticed that when I am at a site that I have to create a new entry into EnPass, when I do it through the browser extension and copy the password it generates via the copy button next to the password, it seems to copy the website URL instead of the password. This has caught me off guard a few times when the password that I just created and set for the site doesn't work (since it set the password as the website URL instead of the password EnPass generated). I can reproduce this issue repeatedly. I have learned to copy the password after creation from the app instead of from the browser extension. Can you please look into this issue and confirm if you can also reproduce on your end, and if so, file it as a bug that needs to be fixed? Thank you.

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Thank you for the reply @Manish Chokwal. I did a bit more testing and it appears that what is actually going on is that the Copy button for the password does not work at all. Instead, if you hit the copy button next to the password and then try to paste, whatever was in your clipboard before you initiated the password copy will be pasted instead. I am on Windows Store EnPass version 6.8.4 (1166).

I have a video showing the issue but .mp4 files are not an allowed file type to attach here. Please let me know where I can send the video file.

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