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keyfile - asked for location each time I log in


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I used enpass for about 10 months with no problem.  I had my keyfile in icloud and after setup was only ever asked for my password to log in.  The program seemed to pick up the keyfile without new input.

I recently had a computer meltdown and lock out and had to have my drive wiped, reformatted and a new OS installed.  I put enpass back and expected it would still find the key as it hadn't moved from icloud.

Now, in trying to fix this, I can't find any reference to the keyfile in the preferences or any way to reset it without erasing everything and starting again.  I'm sorry if this message is a little garbled - I'm not in a good state after a terrible month or so with disasters.  I do apologise.  However, if anyone can help I will very much appreciate it.

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Hi @nonsibicunctis

If I have understood your concern correctly, and do correct me if I'm wrong, you are unable to locate the keyfile to access your Enpass app. If that is correct, I'm afraid there is nothing much we can do, as the data is stored on the user's device, and we have no access to it.

However, if you are using Enpass on any other device and can access your data via biometrics/Face ID, please let me know, and I'll share further steps to assist you in this matter.

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