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Weak Password - The password for this account is not strong enough to be secure


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How do I get rid of this forever and for all future logins ? Is there a option to turn it off forever automatically ?  It is not for me. For a friend who uses Enpass who refuses to use safer passwords. I keep telling them they should though. Can't change their mind. They do not like seeing this all the time. I told them just create a stronger password.






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Hi @ng4ever

All those items which are marked by Enpass as weak and you do not want to highlight them can be made silent by excluding from Audit. To do that, go to list of Weak items in Sidebar to remove item from audit, right click the item and choose option to Exclude from Audit.

If you are having multiple password field in any item and want to exclude any single field from the audit, click on the Password Field from the Edit screen → Click on Exclude from Password Audit → Save the field → Save the item.

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