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OTP Popup on Mobile Devices


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Recently i've changed vom 1Password to Enpass and i've discovered some disadvantages even if i think i like Enpass more over all.


On 1Password there was a popup on mobile devices both apps and browsers (on screen or on later android versions over compatible keyboards) for OTP, they were not just copied to the clipboard.

Why could this be a problem? If i try to fill in a copied and expired OTP with Enpass, i have to open the app, search for the login and copy the new OTP, thats really anoying.

If there appears a popup, the OTP is always actual and i don't have to long press on the OTP field and tap "paste", thats way more convenient.


Additional problem: If i use biometric login for PayPal app for example, i'm always asked for a code from SMS or authenticator app, in this case i have no cance to autofill, i have always to open Enpass app manually und copy OTP.


Is there such an option for Enpass? Are there any plans to integrate it?


Left side is alwas Enpass, right 1Password.



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