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Password required on every website logon


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I have Enpass 6.8.5 loaded on both my Mac and iPad.  All is well with the Mac.  At startup I am asked for my Enpass master password and then not asked for it again for the remaining time I am logged on. However, on the iPad I am required to enter the Enpass master password when I log on to every website, every time.  Totally defeats the reason for using Enpass on the iPad.  I see no comments posted of others having the same issue.  Any suggestions to solve this issue?

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hi Abhishek,

Thank you for your response.  Just to be certain I understand your reply.  On IOS devices it is required that I authenticate each and every webpage I log into.  So, if I visit 4 unique websites during a single session, I am required to authenticate 4 times.  However, as I can attest by my experience with the Enpass app, on my Mac I am required to authenticate only once per session rather than at every new webpage logon.

Thanks for clarifying.













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Hi @Bread

That is correct. On the Mac version of the Enpass app, while the Enpass app is running in the background, the app will not prompt you to authenticate. This is because the Enpass app on desktop devices works together with the Enpass Extension to autofill. Once the browser extension is installed, it must be connected to the Enpass desktop app to allow the saving and autofilling of account credentials and web forms.

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