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WebDAV Sync Error with code 904035


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I get this error code (WebDAV Sync Error with code 904035) on both, a Mac Desktop Client and an iOS mobile app, when I changed the certificate my webdav server from a normal SNI to a wildcard certificate (let's encrpyt).

When I change back the certificate to the normal SNI, it directly starts to work again.

Any possible explanations? in a browser and when manually checking the wildcard cert, it all looks valid and ok.

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Hi @tTony

In our thorough investigation, we found that 904035 error is thrown due to SSL Handshake failure between server and client. Please try the below steps when setting up sync with WebDAV -

Enable Bypass SSL certificate verification checkbox:

For Mac -









For iOS -


If the issue still persists, please create a demo account for your WebDAV with mentioned certificate enabled and DM me the URL, username and password.

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