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IOS 16.3.1 sync problem


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Running 6.8.6(684). Not syncing with dropbox. I am unable to disconnect or sync to/from dropbox. Despite pressing the "disconnect" button nothing happens. I have a second iphone on which I am signed in with exact same credentials and am synced with the same vault with no problems. I wonder if deleting the app and reinstalling is a good idea but am reluctant since if the reinstall has the same problem, I will have lost all the passwords from the current phone. Any help gratefully received. Thanks

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Hi @pav

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

On the devices on which you are facing this concern, please try the below steps -

  1. Take a backup of the Enpass Data on your device from Enpass Settings → Vaults → Select the Vault → Backup.

  2. Uninstall the Enpass app from Enpass Settings → Advanced → Erase everything.

  3. Reinstall the app and restore using the backup file.

  4. Sync the Vault with the Dropbox Account.

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