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Enpass Portable vs Auto Backup

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Can someone explain the difference between using the Enpass portable file and just backing up my logins in the settings? I haven't used either of these but from what I've read, the manual/auto backup file can be located anywhere. I'm assuming that means it can be saved on a USB drive/SD card, which in turn makes it portable. Or maybe it doesn't, what am I missing?

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Hi @District80

I'm actually pointing to the difference between Enpass Portable and creating manual/auto backups. It is possible to save a backup, move it to an SD card, and put that card inside another PC. However, to view the encrypted database, you will need to restore that backup file in the Enpass Desktop application. The Enpass portable, on the other hand, does not require installation as you can simply put the portable program on a USB and move it between PCs.

In folder sync, if you connect a folder in your local device to the vault in Enpass, any changes you made in that Enpass vault get saved into that folder. If you take the folder sync file to a different PC, you will still need to restore the file to view your logins.

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