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Enpass currently sorts entries by frequency, recency, title, creation date, and modification time. I propose adding "Last Interaction" and "Most Interaction" as additional sorting criteria.

This change could be useful for users who primarily use Enpass on their (local) Host-System, to copy information to their guest systems (like remote desktops or virtualized and streamed computers). These users often rely on keyboard shortcuts and the Enpass Mini-App to copy logins, license keys, and passwords from the host system to the guest system.

Currently, Enpass doesn't remember the last interacted item, which can be inconvenient when providing additional information like OTPs. By tracking the last and most frequent interactions within a 1-2 week period, Enpass could improve the user experience withthe two mentioned sort-criterias from aboth.

Interactions could be counted, when the user confirming, copying content from, and editing an entry.


Personal case/note:

I'm developer, administrator and sometimes also a gamer. So I have a lot of remote-applications, virtualized environments and also playing games via Blade Shadow on a cloud computer. From my security perspective, I don't see any reason to install Enpass on the guest-environments. So I access it only via the global-hotkey of the host-operating-system. It's just a bummer, that it doesn't keeps last and most interacted items up in the list. Because it doesn't remembers my interaction (copying) with them. So most of the times I have always to repeat to search for the entry, before I can interact with it again.

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I see what you are referring to.

But I have only four login-items under April 2023 for recently used, which doesn't even fit to the logins where I copied passwords out from, it also doesn't fit to the amount of autofill logins, other login-entries were involved and used (they are used April but shown in March 2023). And Frequently Used items has six items show as frequently used, where I can tell, nope two of them are never used this much.

But before I/we continue this thread and feedback/request, I will try a cleanup/reset by removing Enpass from the Desktop device, (+ Library data) and try to reset everything with a fresh reinstallation and sync afterward. Coming back to this topic then, in a month, with a result.

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