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How to merge multiple vaults created by different Enpass versions?

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Various versions of Enpass have ended up creating 3 separate vaults when they synchronised to OneDrive. Here's what I've got in there:

- /Enpass/sync_default.walletx

- /Apps/Enpass/vault.enpassdbsync

- /Apps/Enpass 1/vault.enpassdbsync

As far as I can tell, different items are updated from/on different laptops, and they're out of sync. These vaults weren't created fresh, they were all created from some base vault, the first duplicate probably around 2013-2015 and the second duplicate some time around 2017-2019. They all share the oldest entries, so they're definitely not new vaults, but buggy duplicates of some previous version.

I can't simply keep the latest vault, because they are rather large and contain disparate (and different) information. How can I merge the items inside the vaults by last edited, and resync all the devices so that there is only one vault? Bonus question, how can I prevent Enpass from behaving this way, creating random vaults?

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Hi @randunel

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

The .walletx file extension was used in earlier versions of Enpass (version 5) and since then, we have updated the file extension to vault.enpassdbsync. That is the reason you are seeing different versions. Please refer to the steps in this link to restore your old Enpass 5 data and merge it into the new Enpass 6 version.

Once done, create a new vault, set it up with a dedicated cloud sync, and then copy Items from all vaults there. That way, you will only have one Vault with all your Items synchronized to one cloud account.

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