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I use Enpass, which has been synced with OneDrive, yet this platform is not secure. I have taken the initiative to transfer all of my folders and files to Google Drive, but I'm unclear on how to do the same with Enpass. Is it possible to receive guidance on the necessary steps to achieve this?

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Thanks Abhishek, I did as you outlined on the PC and it synced, and shows back up to Google drive. Looking in the backup section of settings in Auto Backups it shows the system file location on Drive c:. I’m confused with that if you could explain. Please see attached photos.

 I also have a new windows laptop, I installed Enpass and set it to syncing to Google drive but it won't sync? My phone syncs ok, but the laptop just doesn't want to know. How do I fix this? 

Screenshot 2023-05-16 161416.jpg

Screenshot 2023-05-16 161503.jpg

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Hi @spike

After enabling the 'Backup Automatically' Setting in Enpass, in addition to having your Enpass data stored in your cloud service of choice, you can create local backups of your Enpass data for recovery purposes.

To restore the Enpass data on your new device from the cloud account, on the welcome screen of the Enpass application on your device, choose Restore Existing -> Cloud account to which you synced the details above → Enter Vault password → Continue . All the passwords will be synced to your device. In case you are getting any error, please share a screenshot of the error message and I'll assist you further with the concern.

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