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How to make Enpass open the login webpage


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I am a new user and I am using the portable version of Enpass on my Windows PC. I am trying out Enpass to see if I will switch to it from Roboform. A very convenient feature in Roboform is that when I click on a login item in the Roboform browser extension, it opens the login webpage in my browser, enters the login info, and logs me in - all in an automatic flow.

I am looking for that same capability in Enpass but I could not see how to make Enpass open the login webpage. Can I not launch the webpage that has my account login fields by clicking on the item in the Enpass browser extension? That is a basic function I expect in a password manager. If Enpass will not open the login webpages, then I will have to either remember or bookmark the webpage address of the sites I need to login to.

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The response from your Support says that to have Enpass enter my login info, I have to first open the login webpage. That is a big disadvantage because I now have to bookmark separately all those dozens of webpage addresses of my logins. I hope that Enpass will modernize their app to make it open the login webpage when the user clicks on the login item in the Enpass browser extension. Roboform does it. Why can't Enpass?

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Hi @Kepler10

You also have the option to open and automatically autofill from the Enpass Extension by double-clicking on the item from the Extension. However, to make this feature work seamlessly, please take note of the following:

  • Ensure that you have enabled the 'Automatically login after filling details' option in your Enpass app Settings -> Browser -> Autofill.
  • Confirm that the 'Auto-submit login' option is ticked for the Item saved in the app.
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