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Enpass doesn't respond when I try to log in to naver.com


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Just like the title, when I try to log in (focusing on the login form) to www.naver.com in macOS(Chrome) , Enpass doesn't respond at all and the CPU usage is increasing up to 40%.

My circumstance

- MacBook Pro 16 2023

- Apple M2 Pro

- Sonoma 14.0

- Chrome

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17 hours ago, Abhishek Dewan said:

Hi @Aidan-K

We are looking into this concern for you but require some additional information in this case -

  1. Total number of Vaults, Items and attachments you have saved in the Enpass app.

  2. Any cloud service you are using to synchronize your data.

  3. Is the issue happening with other browsers too?

Hi @Abhishek Dewan.

1. I have 1 Vault, 251 items and 7 attachments. And I have 4 naver.com items.

2. I use Google Drive to sync my data.

3. It happens only in Chrome/macOS. I have suffered this problem in 3 macbook pros(2 M1s, 1 M2) so far.

Thank you for your support.

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