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"No two vaults can be connected..."


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I've used Premium for years, and thank you for an awesome product.

I use one single vault accross my 3 computers and my android, syncing to the same Dropbox account.

Lately I noticed my Laptop hasn't been syncted to Dropbox for months, and when trying to connect (via desktop app) to said Dropbox, I get error:

"No two vaults can be connected to same account for syncing data. Connected vault: Primary"

And Primary is my vault connected to said Dropbox on the other devices. And this Laptop knows only of one vault.

I have different vaults for other things on some of my devices, and me and my wife uses a "Familiy" vault for commen password shareing. But every single vault has its own cloud account (Dropbox/OneDrive/GoogleDrive)

Any advice?

Desktop app 6.9.1 (1515)on my Laptop.


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Hi @GyroFalcon

Please try the below troubleshooting steps and share your findings with us -

  1. On the device on which you are facing this issue, create a manual backup of your Enpass data.

  2. Once done, erase the data from local that can be done from the main app settings → Advance settings → Choose erase everything

  3. This will delete the existing data locally. Then, setup Enpass again from welcome screen, try connecting the sync with the required cloud.

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Thank you.

Followed your advices.

After clearing everything, the app promted me with the Welcome-screen. Went right away to fetch from Dropbox, no problems.

Then I put in my Premium-email, I noticed a cloud-sync error 209997, also in Vaults view.

First thing I tried was quiting Enpass (ctrl Q), and started it up again.

Now with now issues. Thank you.


My only dilemma now is the changes to this exact vault i did before backup and clearing things. And this vault didn't have sync access for the last 3 months.

Because now I'm only runninging latest cloud version of the Vault. Can I merge with the backup I made?

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