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Difference between Admin Console and Enpass Hub

David Knodel

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On the pricing page, the standard plan includes the Admin console while the Enterprise plan shows an additional feature called Enpass Hub.  I can access the Admin console but cannot find any explanation of Enpass Hub.  Is it a feature that appears either in the app or in the Admin console or is it a completely different item (and, if so, how to access it)?  Thank you.

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Hey David,

Indeed, you are correct. Enpass Hub is exclusive to our enterprise clients. Enpass Admin Console and Enpass Hub are two different concepts. Let me list out a few points to give you a clearer picture, and for more information, you can always reach out to your dedicated account manager:

1. Enpass Admin Console is basically a license management platform available to all Enpass Business users, irrespective of the plan they own.

2. Enpass Hub is an additional feature exclusive to enterprise clients.

3. If an enterprise client needs to add Enpass Hub, they simply need to inform their dedicated account manager.

4. Under Enpass Hub, we have some robust features, such as Master Password Re-set/Recovery, Sharing a vault without Vault Password, an elaborate Security Audit Dashboard.

Hope this information was helpful. For more details, please visit: https://www.enpass.io/enpass-hub/

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