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Firefox extension pairing crashes Enpass app

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I have a fresh installation of Firefox on mac OS and want to set up the enpass extension. I have installed the extension and want to fill in the first password. Now my problem occurs: 

The extension briefly displays the pairing code. In the exact same second, Enpass crashes (or at least the window closes). This causes the Extension to close the tab with the pairing code. After restarting Enpass and unlocking, the pairing code entry window is still displayed (so i assume it did not really crash). However, if i had luck with memorizing the code during its short display time, it is not accepted by Enpass anymore. 

So currently i am unable to pair the extension to the main Enpass app. I also do not get a crash log, since apparently Enpass hasnt crashed completely, however, the window is disappearing, and there is no dock icon anymore. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Hey there,

To assist in the investigation, could you kindly provide the following details:

1. Enpass and OS version
2. Enpass Firefox Extension and Browser Version
3. Is Enpass in a locked state while it is getting crashed?
4. Upon crashing of the main Enpass App, do you get any crash reported dialogue box? - Yes/No


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I have exactly the same problem since I changed my computer, however it works well on my old one which is on the same version of Windows and Enpass.

No matter the browser, Edge, Chrome, Opera... the Enpass app crashes as soon as I press the extension and it starts to connect to the application.
Really very annoying!

Windows 10 Pro - 22H2 build 19045.3930
Enpass pro - v. 6.9.3

Thanks for your help ! 

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