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Samsung Galaxy Tab - Enpass Inactivity Setting - Not Working


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Can someone please tell me why the 'Lock After 30 minute (or any minutes set) option' does not work in Enpass for Android on a Galaxy Tab 7 FE?


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 FE and no matter what "Inactivity setting" I set it too enpass keeps locking prematurely and requiring me to login time and time and time again.

This fault is never ending.  

I always set my devices to 30min, and that works on every other Android device i own and Windows, but no matter what I change that inactivity time setting too the enpass app continues to lock up in seconds sometimes.  Its that annoying as fk as I have a huge password and no fingerprint reader. 


I'm literally considering swapping password manager.


Any ideas?

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