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  1. This has affected everyone i know who is using Enpass. Come on Devs, you can't be making mistakes like this which can potentially lock everyone out of all of their accounts. Some people have got hundreds of passwords and it could take days to resolve login issues like this, even per account to regain access. This is a really poor show!
  2. Oh good stuff Anshu, I never knew that existed so many thanks for letting me know.
  3. Any chance your Enpass developers could create a 2-Step Verification feature to be used within the Enpass app, rather than us having to use Google or some other alternative third party app for our 2 step (factor) verification logins. It makes sense to have that within Enpass, plus it would allow us to backup and encrypt our verification codes within the Enpass encrypted database. Just an idea.. What do you think?
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