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How to sync Enpass 6.9.3 with 5.6.11 on Mac


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I'm running Enpass 6.9.3 on a new MacBook Air. I recently installed 5.6.11 on an older laptop. I'm tried using Dropbox to sync the vaults. The vaults are already synced across the MacBook Air and my iPhone and iPad. The older laptop running 5.6 is the only outlier. When I click "Sync Now" on the 5.6 version it reports the Dropbox sync is complete, however, nothing actually shows up in Enpass on that older version.

I just tried syncing via "Folder" on the old Mac too and pointing it manually to that same Dropbox folder in the Mac Finder and that still doesn't bring across the vault that the MacBook Air and iOS devices are already syncing with.

How can I get this oldest Mac's Enpass vault synced up with the working vault?


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Unfortunately, we do not provide support for older versions of Enpass, as they may lack important updates and security enhancements. We recommend updating to the latest version of Enpass to ensure you have access to all the latest features and improvements. If you need assistance with updating or have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

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Thanks for the follow-up.

As I said in my email reply to Enpass support: this news is somewhat disappointing however, I completely understand. It's not always practical or even possible to build out the future of a product while maintaining bridges to its past. I get it.

Updating is not an option for me as the machine I'm trying to get Enpass running on is rather old and because of other software limitations I'm pretty much locked into keeping it on 10.13.6. I can't afford to have applications get broken by updating the Mac OS.


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