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Enpass Should Support Storing Passkeys for Multi-Domain Sites Under the Same Username/Password

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I'm liking the added convenience and peace of mind Enpass brings with Passkey support (when it doesn't freeze). However, there's room for improvement. I currently and rightly have 1 Enpass entry for all my eBay.com/eBay.ca/eBay.whatevercomesnext accounts, as they share the same user name, password and 2FA code, and are merely for shopping different countries. So, I simply add the additional eBay domains as URLs under the Enpass entry, enabling me to use the same credentials on the various domains, and avoid the "Duplicate Password" warning in Enpass.

However, when setting up Passkeys for the accounts, I noticed that the Passkey for eBay.com wasn't also working on eBay.ca, instead, I needed to set both of them up serparately. So, upon attempting to do so, Enpass overwrote my current eBay.com Passkey with my eBay.ca Passkey instead of saving both of them under my eBay account credential. Can you please improve Enpass to support multiple Passkeys under 1 entry, just like URLs?

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Thank you for sharing the details and your efforts in providing information.  

I've reported this issue to the Enpass technical team. They are currently investigating it, and I will reach out to you with updates as soon as I receive them. 


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On 3/28/2024 at 11:38 PM, Amandeep Kumar said:

I'm pleased to inform you that our development team has accepted your feature request and has begun working on it. Adding a new feature may take some time, but rest assured, we'll keep you updated on the progress. 

Awesome! Glad to hear they're working on implementing this. While they're at it, kindly remind them of this Windows Hello freezing issue that still persists. Looking forward to seeing it get implemented, thanks.

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