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  1. The Enpass team mentioned they've fixed this issue with the current latest update (v6.10.3 (1680)) on the Microsoft store, gonna install it and see how it goes: - EDIT - Well, this earlier reported freezing issue still persists, and is now getting in the way of me checking if this issue is addressed: - EDIT 2 - 12 minutes later after battling with the above freezing issue (which was occurring on initial start up of the application), finally got past the first log-in screen, closed it, and attempted launching the mini dialog. So far, looks to to be working as expected with my multi-monitor setup. Hope they address the freezing issue next...
  2. Awesome! Glad to hear they're working on implementing this. While they're at it, kindly remind them of this Windows Hello freezing issue that still persists. Looking forward to seeing it get implemented, thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm liking the added convenience and peace of mind Enpass brings with Passkey support (when it doesn't freeze). However, there's room for improvement. I currently and rightly have 1 Enpass entry for all my eBay.com/eBay.ca/eBay.whatevercomesnext accounts, as they share the same user name, password and 2FA code, and are merely for shopping different countries. So, I simply add the additional eBay domains as URLs under the Enpass entry, enabling me to use the same credentials on the various domains, and avoid the "Duplicate Password" warning in Enpass. However, when setting up Passkeys for the accounts, I noticed that the Passkey for eBay.com wasn't also working on eBay.ca, instead, I needed to set both of them up serparately. So, upon attempting to do so, Enpass overwrote my current eBay.com Passkey with my eBay.ca Passkey instead of saving both of them under my eBay account credential. Can you please improve Enpass to support multiple Passkeys under 1 entry, just like URLs?
  4. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, Please did you have any update on this issue? It's still persisting months later today with Enpass v6.93.1592, and continues to hamper my work flow. This is especially frustrating in cases where I want to quickly log-in with a Passkey, but end up waiting almost 10 minutes just for enpass to load, and often times, due to this massive delay, the Passkey authentication page times out due to no response. Requiring me to refresh the page and re-attempt again with Enpass, hoping it doesn't freeze yet again, which as earlier mentioned in the OP, tends to happen all over again.
  5. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, Thanks for the update, looking forward to a fix in a future version of Enpass.
  6. Thanks for the update @Abhishek Dewan, looking forward to seeing a fix soon.
  7. Hey @Abhishek Dewan, the OS version is Windows 11 Pro v22H2 (Build v22621.1413).
  8. It's irritating seeing that terminal flashing on every system start-up. Instead of relying solely on command prompt, the Enpass team could look into using a .vbs script to make launching process more silent and inline with other start-up applications.
  9. Yes, I've also been experiencing similar issue with multiple past versions of Enpass on my Surface Pro 7+, and also the current latest Enpass v6.9.1 (1512) from the Microsoft Store. This occurs when I have Enpass in a Dual Monitor setup with different screen resolutions. My setup is as follows: When I initially open the Enpass mini window, it appears enlarged and misaligned on my main display. However, I've noticed that dragging the Enpass mini window to my Surface Pro 7+'s higher resolution display gets it to re-align itself properly, then upond dragging it back to the main display, it continues to stay aligned for the rest of the Enpass session...until the next Enpass start-up after system restart.
  10. Hi all, As the title states, I've long been having this random issue with Enpass's Windows Hello Security dialog randomly freezing for 5+ minutes on my 32GB RAM i7 Surface Pro 7+ whenever I attempt unlocking it: After the freezing, it just shows an error message that "Something went wrong. Please try again." (as can be seen in the second image) and requires me to reauthenticate with Windows Hello yet again. Upon reattempting to authenticate with Windows Hello, it still freezes for another 5+ minutes! Only way to gain back access to my credentials is to cancel the Windwos Hello security dialog (which sometimes also takes another 5+ minutes after clicking the Cancel button) and enter my master password manually. However, to make matters worse, sometimes even clicking the Cancle button doesn't help, as after the 5+ minutes wating for it to Cancel, the moment I click the manual password entry text box in the Enpass main window, it yet again prompts for Windows Hello authentication. This has been a serious productivity-hampering bug that keeps randomly occurring in Enpass for the past several versions, and it still persists in Enpass v6.9.1 (1512) which I currently have installed from the Microsoft Store. What's going on? Also, I earlier noticed that the Enpass Windows Hello was attempting to connect to the internet for some reason, what's that for? Could it be because I blocked it from the internet that these random freezes are occuring?
  11. Man, that looks very promissing! I've been hesitant of trusting Passkeys as it wasn't clear where exactly they're being stored on my device and who/what has access to them. with it being part of my offline Enpass vault, I'd most certainly love to take advantage of the added convenience, and really can't wait to see how it gets implemented in Enpass for Windows. Only suggestion I'd have is ability to update our currently saved account credentials with a "Passkey" attachment/section, similar to how we currently can save our 2FA Codes in Enpass under the same credential entry, instead of it saving as a completely separate credential entry. That will really aid in keeping them well organized and keeping track of which accounts support/have Passkeys. Can't wait to see it on Windows :D
  12. Hi @Abhishek Dewan Sorry for the late follow-up. Haven't had the chance to replicate it on a separate system as of yet (busy with work/family). However, it appears the following Windows updates may have addressed the issue in some way, 'cause without making any other system changes, network changes, nor changes to my Enpass setup, the Enpass WiFi Sync server address is now matching that of the Windows settings app, and is successfully syncing over Ethernet again: Is Enpass dependent on Microsoft's .NET framework by any chance? 'Cause I have no other logical explanation of how it's suddenly working again over Ethernet.
  13. Hi All, As the title implies, after some update to the Enpass app on the Windows Store, I'm no longer able to sync my Enpass credentials from my Ethernet-connected PC (a Surface Pro 7+ running Windows 11 Pro) to my Wi-Fi-connected devices on the same Local Area Network (LAN). If I disconnect the Ethernet cable from my Surface Pro's dock and have it connect to Wi-Fi, then the Enpass Wi-Fi Sync works as expected over the LAN. This occurs both on my work and home networks. Upon attempting to troubleshoot this issue, I noticed that when connected to the LAN via Ethernet, the Enpass Wi-Fi Sync Server Address is oddly different from the LAN IP address assigned by the router and also what is idenfied by Windows in the Network & internet settings, as can be seen below: This is most certainly the reason why my other LAN connected devices can't detect the Wi-Fi Sync server when its connected to Ethernet, and why I now often have to be disconnecting/reconnecting my Ethernet cable whenever I want to sync my Enpass vault across my systems. Please could you look into fixing this productivity-hampering issue with the Enpass app?
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