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  1. Hi @Abhishek Dewan Sorry for the late follow-up. Haven't had the chance to replicate it on a separate system as of yet (busy with work/family). However, it appears the following Windows updates may have addressed the issue in some way, 'cause without making any other system changes, network changes, nor changes to my Enpass setup, the Enpass WiFi Sync server address is now matching that of the Windows settings app, and is successfully syncing over Ethernet again: Is Enpass dependent on Microsoft's .NET framework by any chance? 'Cause I have no other logical explanation of how it's suddenly working again over Ethernet.
  2. Hi All, As the title implies, after some update to the Enpass app on the Windows Store, I'm no longer able to sync my Enpass credentials from my Ethernet-connected PC (a Surface Pro 7+ running Windows 11 Pro) to my Wi-Fi-connected devices on the same Local Area Network (LAN). If I disconnect the Ethernet cable from my Surface Pro's dock and have it connect to Wi-Fi, then the Enpass Wi-Fi Sync works as expected over the LAN. This occurs both on my work and home networks. Upon attempting to troubleshoot this issue, I noticed that when connected to the LAN via Ethernet, the Enpass Wi-Fi Sync Server Address is oddly different from the LAN IP address assigned by the router and also what is idenfied by Windows in the Network & internet settings, as can be seen below: This is most certainly the reason why my other LAN connected devices can't detect the Wi-Fi Sync server when its connected to Ethernet, and why I now often have to be disconnecting/reconnecting my Ethernet cable whenever I want to sync my Enpass vault across my systems. Please could you look into fixing this productivity-hampering issue with the Enpass app?
  3. Hi, I have Enpass (v6.8.5 - 1238 from Microsoft Store) setup on my system with 4 personal vaults, and 2 work/business vaults. On the Enpass Admin console, I have disabled users locally backing-up of business vaults as that's managed via Teams. However, it shouldn't be affecting their ability to choose where their personal vaults are stored. In my case, for some reason, during initial setup months ago, the Enpass app decided to be keeping backups of my personal vaults in a duplicate backup directory on my Surface Pro as shown below. Before we began using Enpass for Business, fixing this was easy as changing the backup location. However, as can be seen below, the "Change Location" button is now grayed, giving me no choice to change the backup location for my Personal vaults. What's going on?
  4. Thanks for shearing that informative article @Jos Berkers. Hopefully the Enpass team offer up a solution ASAP to this concern.
  5. Hi all, Been using Enpass for the past several years now, and I've even introduced it to my organization as a better means for managing shared credentials via Teams. One thing I like about it is that it allows the creation of Custom Templates for the creation of new credentials in various pre-defined/custom categories, one of which I've showcased below: However this feature tends to get overlooked/forgotten, as those templates are not available for the automatic creation of new credential entries from website; only the Login category "Default" template is used for those new logins, which tends to defeat the use of those custom templates. That "Default" template is lacks entries that I tend to keep track of as a standard for any new accoutns, and isn't organized the way I like, hence why I created the "Modern Default" template as pictured above. Please could you provide an option in the Enpass vault settings to set a different template as the default for new credentials added to that vault? This way, the pre-defined/custom template can also be saved to the vault file, making it readily-available wherever the vault is synced to, especially handy for various teams in organizations. Thanks in advance.
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