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Enpass autofilling for updated Google/Gmail websites no longer working on iOS

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Google has recently updated how their gmail web login looks (and functions?) and since then Enpass is no loger able to autofill the web login (not gmail app) using Firefox on iOS. It only affects the email address. The password does work if I manually input the email address.

Please fix as I do login to gmail pretty often.

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To help us investigate the issue, please provide the following details: 

  • Enpass and OS of your machine. 
  • Firefox version.
  • If there is a specific URL where this issue is occurring. 

Feel free to let me know if you have any specific details or questions you'd like to discuss. 


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Thank you for sharing the details and your efforts in providing information.  

I've reported this issue to the Enpass technical team. They are currently investigating it, and I will reach out to you with updates as soon as I receive them. 


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