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Android: Date fields display exclusively in DD/MM/YYYY

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Date fields on Android need to respect the format of the device locale, i.e. my US phone should display the date MM/DD/YYYY by default.

Here are the key Android developer documentation resources related to locale and date formatting:

Core Classes

Guides and Examples

Additional Notes

Best Practices: Use DateFormat or the Android-specific android.text.format.DateFormat when possible for automatic locale handling. Avoid hardcoding date formats if you want your app to be adaptable to different regions.

  • User Preferences: Respect user settings for 12/24-hour time using DateFormat.is24HourFormat(context).

  • Java 8+ APIs: If you are targeting newer Android versions (API level 26 or higher), you can also leverage the modern java.time package for enhanced date and time manipulation.


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I have raised a feature request with the Enpass Technical Team to explore the possibility of allowing customization of date formats in the future. We understand the importance of having the correct date format displayed according to your preferences, and we are actively looking into this.

In the meantime, we have a quick workaround for you:

  1. Desktop App Update: Please add or update the credentials that include dates (e.g., SSN, other items with dates) via the Enpass Desktop App first.
  2. Mobile Sync: Once you have updated the items on the Desktop App, sync your mobile device. This should display the date in the correct format, i.e., MM/DD/YYYY, on your mobile device rather than DD/MM/YYYY.
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