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Carbon Copy Cloner did not copy Enpass vaults and data

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I use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a backup of my hard drive. The encrypted backup is put in a bank vault for safety. I noticed today that CCC copies the Enpass folder in my Home folder, but the "Backup" and "Vaults" folders on the backup are empty. I can manually drag the files over to the backup drive, but I'm wondering why this is happening. Is there something special about these folders that causes CCC to ignore them? Time Machine seems to copy the Enpass files without issue so this definitely a CCC or Mac OS thing.


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The issue you're experiencing with Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) not copying the "Backup" and "Vaults" folders might be due to security reasons designed to protect your data. For your data safety, you will need to manually copy these folders to your backup drive.

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