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  1. FYI I finally broke down and deleted Enpass from the iPad Pro. After reinstallation I was able to connect and sync to the Mac serving WiFi. What I don't know is if I lost any Enpass entries made on the iPad since it had been unable to sync to the vault on the Mac over the last several months. I did made a backup of the iPad vault first, but I did not see a way of merging/syncing it with the up-to-date vault on the Mac. It's probably fine as I don't think anything critical was created on the iPad that could not be recovered.
  2. I have installed both the Mac and iPad Pro updates of Enpass and the WiFi sync still does not work on the iPad Pro.
  3. Update on when iPad Pro Enpass will be updated and this sync bug fixed?
  4. Any estimate on when this issue will be fixed on iPad Pro models? Still on version 6.7.1
  5. If anyone is wacko here it's you, not to mention being outrageously rude to the devs.
  6. I tried 6.7.1 on the iPad Pro and it still cannot see the WiFi server on the Mac.
  7. I have run into this same issue with an iPad Pro that previously was working with WiFi sync to a Mac running the server. I had not synced in a while so I was updating all the devices today and just this one iPad will not sync and cannot see the WiFi server running on the Mac. The iPad is running iOS 14.8 and Enpass 6.7.0 (562). I tried all the troubleshooting methods and rebooted every device including the WiFi and router. I can successfully sync a Macbook, a Mac Mini, an iPad and an iPhone. It's just this one iPad Pro that is not working. The server Mac is running Mac OS 11.6 and Enpass 6.7.3 (888).
  8. 897 items. I let the computer sit for 10 minutes. Logged in with TouchID. Went to Safari and to a webstie. Placed cursor in Login Name field. Clicked Enpass extension and unlocked with TouchID. Waited a couple seconds and it displayed the correct entry. Double clicked the entry but no autofill was made. Extension pop-up closed itself. Clicked extension again, entry was still there. Double clicked and autofill executed correctly. Thank you for looking into this issue.
  9. It still does not always autofill upon double click on the first try. This happens with all websites not any specific ones. I see it on both Safari and Firefox. After I have managed to get a successful autofill, subsequent attempts work immediately. After a period of time, it goes back to not autofilling on the first try. I also have noticed the extension is slow to search the vault and find the login for the website. Again, this is very slow if time has passed where I have not used Enpass. If Enpass has been recently used the extension finds logins quickly and autofills with a double click. It's like some part of the Enpass system is going to sleep and has to be wakened up to be at full function. I booted in Safe Mode and the behavior is the same. I am using Enpass 6.7.1 (878) on a 2017 Macbook Pro running Mac OS 11.5
  10. I am new to Enpass and I like it very much. I think maybe I had misunderstood the correct way to trigger autofill. I had been double clicking the entry I want to fill and most of the time that does not work and the pop-up closes. I see now that it is probably designed for the operator to click once to select, then hit return to fill. That works without fail. I was wondering if you would consider implementing a double-click to select and trigger an auto fill? Seems to me it would be a tiny bit more convenient. Otherwise, thanks for a really nice app.
  11. Hello, I am moving over from 1Password and I had an idea I wanted to try with Enpass. I want to create a Secondary vault that only lives on my Mac and does not sync to the cloud. The Primary would sync to the cloud and would handle all non-sensitive data and logins - the everyday stuff. This way, the Secondary vault and it's sensitive data would stay off the cloud and ease my mind a bit. Plus I could sync the Secondary to a Flash drive and put it in my safe deposit box. Is this something that would work, and is it recommended?
  12. Can Enpass sync to a vault on a removable flash type drive? Also, could one sync using say iCloud and then remove the data from iCloud leaving the freshly synced vault on a device? Sort of a temporary or one time cloud sync. Thanks!
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