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Can't Unlock With Master Password - Android 5.6.8


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I have encountered a serious bug, and a related, less serious one.

1. I cannot unlock Enpass 5.6.8 on Android with my master password.  I have fingerprint unlock enabled.  Sometimes when I've been working with my hands or they are dirty the fingerprint recognition doesn't work.  It went into Master Password mode, and despite over a dozen attempts to unlock, it would not.  I am absolutely certain of my master password, and even tested it on one of my Macbooks and it worked perfectly.  I am syncing with Dropbox.  This is repeatable.  Launch, hit "cancel" for fingerprint, and then try to unlock with master pw - fail.  I tried logging out of Dropbox, then logging back in and trying Enpass - same result.

2. Once in master password unlock mode you cannot revert to fingerprint without force-quitting Enpass.

This must be fixed!

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I'm having the exact same issue.  The fingerprint scan says "Fingerprint recognized", but then says "Try again" and changes to the "Master password" login.  So I try that and like you, I'm certain of my master password.  But that too says "Try again".  This needs fixing ASAP

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I contacted them directly and they did respond pretty quickly.  Unfortunately it didn't do much good.

However, I did manage to fix it myself.  If you have created a backup, you can re-install the app and restore from the backup.  If you don't have a backup, but do have the app on another device with your passwords (I had it on my tablet), then you can create a backup and email it to yourself.  Then download it on your other device to restore your passwords.


Unfortunately if you don't have a backup and don't have it on another device.  Then you've probably lost your passwords. 

I have managed to re-create the issue simply by adding/removing a fingerprint on my phone.  Once you do that, the app master password and fingerprint no longer works.  So it is an issue they need to fix.

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I'm trying for several month to pass authentification on my phone !!

Not match my master password...

I try : uninstall the app, disconnect from google drive, delete the files on my phone .... Not working.

(My master password  is OK my computer.)

I found the solution : go to informations (preferences/application) clear cache information.

Relaunch the app and folow the step until restaure my data -> google drive !


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