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Enpass Master Password is not recognized


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So....I am having this problem of not being able to open Enpass on my desktop. Let me explain my stup.

Enpass is installed on my Android tablet and phone. The desktop version is installed on my Windows 10 desktop and Surface Pro 4.  All devices sync to the Enpass DB  on OneDrive.

Enpass installed on the Windows devices also uses the Chrome browser extension...I also sync my Documents on all devices to NAS on my home network.

Enpass seems to work fine for all Android devices and for my desktop PC.

On my Surface, however, I have a serious problem....I open up Enpass and type in my Master Password and the password is rejected.Once I completely close out of Enpass, and the browser extension and the SysTray Enpass service,I am able to restart Enpass.  However, I am presented with setting Enpass up for the first time...and I have to set up the syncing and using the browser extension, etc.  Then Enpass will work for a little while and then revert back to not being able to use the Master Password again.

What gives?  Could I be using different version on the two Windows boxes?

Thank you so much in advance for any help!


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Hi @MaryGladys,

That's really strange that you are facing this issue. Enpass doesn't delete the data by itself, until and unless you delete the data manually or by using the feature *Erase Everything*. Please let me know size of walletx.db file in Documents -> Enpass folder.

As you are syncing the whole Documents folder to NAS also, please try installing the app freshly once again by turning off the NAS sync (to be sure that NAS sync is not corrupting/deleting Enpass data). 

And please refer to the given link also and check if the thread is related to your issue or not (the surface pro 4 keyboard issue) .


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