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Cannot install Edge extension

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Tried a few times but it will not install on Egde. I alsready have the windows Store version installed, but the Edge extension error when clicking on "Get" is, bizarrely -

You'll need the internet for this.

It doesn't look like you are connected to the internet. Check your connection and try again.


My firewall does not appear to be blocking it and I have tried to install the LastPass extension as a test and that worked fine, therefore the error is Enpass specific.

I've also noticed that the actuall App is very slow. I have several hundred passwords build up over many years, and the search function of Enpass is struggling severely, freezing for 20-30 seconds, not just in search but when unlocking. It's really quite unusable to be honest, which is a pity because I am trying to move away from another product as soon as possible, because you support Edge and they don't.


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Thx for the replay but doesnt help still the same issue after wsreset.exe

A small info it is onyl by the enpass edge extesnion if I install other extensions or apps from the store there is no issue.

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