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Username removed from under the website name?


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Recently I noticed I'm having a harder time finding a specific account, and then realized it shows the date the entry was created instead of the username. I had to rename a bunch of entries to include the username, which I don't want to do for every website which has multiple credentials. I don't need to know when I created an entry at a glance, but I do need to find usernames at a glance, please change it back.


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5 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

Hi @Pete 

Can you please confirm, if have you set Sort By to Title Only? If not, please change and try again.


Hope this helps!

O...m...g... lol well don't I feel stupid now; it was set to "created time". But I swear, I didn't hit that on purpose, I don't even use the sort by feature :)

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