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A new Enpass 6 Beta update for Android is now available

Guest Vikram Dabas

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Guest Vikram Dabas

Hello Enpassians!

Today, we've released another beta update v6.0.0.75 for the Android. The complete change-log is:

What's New

  • Autocopy of TOTP to clipboard: Signing in to apps and web pages that require TOTP have never been easier. Enpass will now auto-copy the TOTP from the item to clipboard after autofilling your login details. You just have to paste it into the required field and go!


  • Removed the limitation of ten characters for the Master Password while creating a new Keychain.
  • We have improved the Enpass Autofill so that users can now freely enable all the available autofill options in Enpass autofill settings, i.e both the Notifications and the Android Autofill. Enpass will then smartly detect and present the best one for autofill. Since this is a very diverse feature, we are not able to test it on all apps and websites and request you to use and test in your daily life for better feedback.:)
  • The item sorting option will appear under the drop down option.
  • Various UI and performance improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where sharing an item with attachments didn't include the attached file.
  • Fixed an issue where the app crashed unexpectedly if an item had two TOTPs.
  • Fixed an issue where fast scrolling the All Items page made the app to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the data restored from Enpass 5 didn't retrieve the icons of some items.

Get your hands on this latest beta update and keep the feedback coming.


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Usability issue: If you've added your own Multiline fields to a template, when using that template the text area reads "Add Multiline" instead of "Add [Whatever]" — "whatever" being the name you've given your field. Example: I have created a multiline field called "Details," but instead of the text area saying "Add Details" it says "Add Multiline"

(I'd include a screenshot, but the app blocks that feature in Android, for security I expect.)


I'd also like to suggest that the time-out locking preference needs a "2 minutes" option instead of jumping from 1 minute (too short) to 5 minutes (too long).

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