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Sync folder differences on onedrive


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Changing desktop beta to the new beta downloaded from this site has not gone smoothly. I have android beta Enpass and it syncs to onedrive/apps/Enpass beta folder by default.  The new version 6 so called desktop program looks like a windows 10 app but was downloaded from this site and it syncs by default to onedrive/apps/Enpass folder. I cannot see how to redirect either program to the same folder.

Any help appreciated.  This migration was not for the fainthearted.



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hi @treefern,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. 

It seems that you are using Enpass version on your Android device. This version has been discontinued and new version is Being a separate app with different package name, the .91 beta syncs to different location than 75 beta . If you want to move your data from .75 to .91 then you need to manually take backup of your data on local device and then restore to new version .91. 


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11 minutes ago, treefern said:

I made a local backup on .75 on phone, uninstalled the app and tried to find the.91 version but no joy.  Searching playstore not beta.  Library on playstore I can find beta Enpass but in installing it is .75.   Is .91 on release everywhere? I am in UK.

Please install the latest beta from this link.


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Yes on .91 and saved local backup prior to this. I had to delete the vault after upgrade as not the original vault!  I then restored from local backup and not have the most recent vault but cannot get it to sync with onedrive error the sync with onedrive cancelled by user. Try again and browser page authorisation finished …. redirect   and back to error message.


Thanks for help.  I hope transition from version 5 to 6 on general release is smoother than this.

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