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no longer able to use custom key combination

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Today I was forced to update to the latest version, because the chrome plugin was no longer compatible with the version of enpass I was running.

After the update, I am no longer able to press Alt+X while using Chrome, to get the password list. This is how I had it configured before the update. Now I only have the option to define a Ctrl+Alt+ another key. So that's three keys instead of an easy Alt+X that I could press with my left hand.

So I'm either missing something, or I can no longer use enpass like I used to.

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Hi @aristosv

Sorry for the inconvenience. After upgrading the chrome extension, key combination will set to default for the chrome which is 'Ctrl+/'. You must have to change it again from Enpass extension's preferences.

Secondly,   'Ctrl+Alt+ ' is global hotkey. You can invoke Enpass assistant from anywhere and have nothing to do with browser extensions.



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