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No more folders in Enpass 6?


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On 10/11/2020 at 5:20 PM, Dentonthebear said:


Entries multiple time in different tags


Surely this is because as a user you are adding multiple tags to an entry!


Cannot move hole (sic) Subtags (Folders) (I mean with Keepass i can move a folder to a different Folder a Entry to a different Folder etc.)


I have to admit I have never tried to move them so this was news to me.  Yes I can see that this would be a nice feature to have.


The UI looks annoying with this Tag Icons in front of


What one person finds annoying is another person's pleasure, however perverse.  Would you want to do away with all the icons in the other sections as well?


The Tags sort by Name (Bad UX, the User should move the Folders like he want to)


I would think that the vast majority of users are going to go alphanumeric for sorting, would the coding required for what I would perceive to be a very small minority be worth the extra investment in time.  My work-around when I want things out of alphanumeric is to use the following type of layout:

01 - This is a folder
02 - For investigation
03 - Delete this information
04 - Queue these jobs up on the 1st of the month


As I commented in the post above really do not see the problem with Tags/Subtags as, to my mind; they perform the same function as Folders/SubFolders.  To quote the Bard: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".  Please, if you have now decided you no longer like the product there is no need to resort to calling it the vernacular for excrement.  The staff at Sinew work hard at the Enpass project and to disparage their work with name-calling is not called for.


Thank you for your long Answer. 

I think the Biggest Problem with the Tags is that it is hard to have a consisted Folder/Passwords Management. If I want to move a Bunch of Passwords to a different Folder (Tag) it does only work a part of it (move them one by one, move hole Folders does not work at all) and then it starts to be inconsistent. I have now the Passwords in two different Places and if i move again, i have it in three different Places and then if i try to fix this i have to open every Password and remove the Tags what i do not need. 

In Keepass i had both a nice and clean Folder Structure and Tags. (I mean Tags are really to tag something and not to make a Structure out of it)

I think the developers here understood the concept of Tags wrong. 
I also had a Problem with the Import Feature i imported my Keepass Database and the some Passwords are now on different Subfolders. 



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