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Hi: I have Enpass on my ios (5.6.1) and had it on my MacBook. First, the upgrade on the MacBook - after redirection - cannot find the data file on OneDrive or Dropbox. It says there is no data there. I tried to install V6 on my new Chromebook (replacing the dying, 2012 MacBook and it says the same thing. I tried syncing the ios data to Google Drive (thinking it would be more compatible w/Chrome OS), and it says the same thing. 

With v5, I got a prompt asking if I had an existing account. I checked yes, entered my creds, and the data appeared (originally from OneDrive).


1. Why can't v6 find the data anywhere?

2. What can I do to fix this, and

3. The data is still okay on ios, but I am getting nervous. I know v6 says the data remains when I change sync portals, but it also says it syncs with those portals - when it hasn't.

I suspect it is me. However, if not, is there a way I can get a working version of v5 and get my data safe and secure on my (and my wife's - if you get the hint) platforms? As it is, I've paid for software that isn't working. I believe you are probably working on patches, but until then, I'm dead in the water.

Appreciate your help,

Bill Fehlinger

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