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Enpass 6 not syncing multiple vaults?


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I have enpass 6 windows store version on one computer and enpass 6 traditional on another.

Both are set to sync to dropbox.

It seems like the primary vault is synced, but a secondary vault i made on the windows store version is not syncing to the traditional version?

Is this a known issue or should it work?

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Syncing is configured individually for each vault (i.e. if you have configured the primary vault to sync - you still need to configure "sub-vaults" to sync (potentially to different clouds). The sync settings can be found under the vault settings.

Apologies if you already have done this - but from your description this seems the most likely cause to rule out.


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Ahh, i got a bit confused with the new GUI. I found the sync settings now, as you said, it is set per vault.

I was not able to sync both vaults to my primary choice tho, i had to use a secondary service in order to sync my secondary vault.. But no worries, its all working now.

Thanks for your help!

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