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Family share problem

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I bought the app over iOS. There's nothing wrong with my own apple IOS device. But I can't use the devices (iOS and macOS) on my family share. He says I have to buy it on the other device on the family share. I talked to Apple support, but the software company said I need to talk to the company. can you help?

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Hello @Vinod Kumar

I didn't buy in-app. I just got the Enpass app. And I want this application to be used by other users. In-app purchase isn't buying a new add-in within an existing application?


Purchase sharing is a feature of Family Sharing that allows family members to share eligible songs, albums, movies, TV shows, books, and apps with everyone else in the family.

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Hi @encase,

Enpass is free to acquire (download from store). On iOS, If you want to store more than 20 items or multiple vaults, you need to buy Pro-Upgrade which is an in-app purchase. So, you have to buy this in-app on the devices which have different apple store id.

macOS free version does not have these restrictions and can be used without any purchase, unless you want Touch-ID support or custom categories.

Please refer this FAQ how purchase works.




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