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Synching Enpass vault on Box using WebDav

David Deehan

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Hi @DouggerJ,

Sorry for the delay. 

'Conflict in syncing data with Dropbox' error occurs when Enpass detects that items on local vault are different than items found in the cloud database. If you are trying to sync two different databases/vaults then follow the steps:- 

1. Tap on Sync Error, and you will get a screen where you can see the number of items of both vaults and there will be two options 'Merge' and 'Disconnect'.

2. Tap on 'Merge' and syncing will be continued.

You can safely continue with 'Merge' option even if Enpass is showing this error on same databases.  

Please let me know if you ever imported data from any other password manager or csv file. That may be the cause of issue. 


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