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[Solved] Trello - TOTP not filled

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I logged in at Trello (German UI) and Enpass asked to store the new login (I accepted).
Then I activated 2FA for Trello, opened the Android App of Enpass and scanned the 2FA code.

When I log into Trello and double-click the entry "Trello" in the Enpass Browser Extension in Google Chrome then my username and password is filled in.
I get to the next page where I have to enter the 2FA code.
If I double-click the entry "Trello" then the 2FA code is not filled.

The required field for TOTP at the website is:

<input class="two-factor-totp" type="number" name="two-factor" autocomplete="off" id="totp" placeholder="z. B. 723110" data-enpassid="__5">

There is second field for SMS above the TOTP field but this field is hidden:

<input class="two-factor-sms two-factor-sms-error hidden" type="number" name="two-factor" autocomplete="off" id="sms" placeholder="z. B. 723110" data-enpassid="__4">


Please automatically fill the 2FA code (the TOTP) at the Trello website.
Thank you!

Best regards


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