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Folder Sync (to cloud folder) is useless after I reset my PC.


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Timeline and status in Box Folder

sync_default.walletx - Last updated 12/27/2018

enpass upgraded to v6.x - 12/28/2018

vault.enpassdbsync - created 12/28/2018; last updated 01/18/2019

Fresh install of Windows 10 - 01/19/2019


I used to have windows 8 on my PC and using enpass 5.x with Box sync. Once the Enpass is upgraded to 6.x I couldn't use BOX sync anymore.

So, I directed the folder sync towards the 'Box sync" folder as my vault sync_default.walletx was in that location. Import worked fine and Enpass continued to work seamlessly as I wasn't ready to change my cloud sync to other provider yet.Changing the sync method to 'folder sync' created another a file called 'vault.enpassdbsync' in my box folder which is fine.

Later, on one fine day I decided to do a fresh install of windows 10 on my pc. As my folder sync backed up 'vault.enpassdbsync' to cloud, I didn't care to take a backup of my vault.

I did a fresh install of enpass from windows 10 store and tried to restore from 'vault.enpassdbsync' in 'box sync' folder but couldn't. The older (last version) of sync_default.walletx is still available and I can still restore from it.

Question - Is there any way to restore/use the latest 'vault.enpassdbsync' to get the data now? All the changes/additions made after upgrading to enpass 6.x are gone now. Please help.




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Hey @Adhrust 

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

Please follow these troubleshooting steps and let me know if the problem persists.

  • Open Box cloud in any Browser --> Open Enpass Folder --> Download and save 'vault.enpassdbsync file.
  • Now open Enpass in your Windows PC --> It will prompt you a welcome screen --> Backup file --> Select the downloaded vault.enpassdbsync file and follow the instruction.

Hope this helps!

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Hello @Anshu kumar!

I believe I have similar issue, if I understood this thread correctly and your suggestion did not help me.

I have used Enpass for many years now and always synced with Dropbox. I've used it across many devices and operating systems: Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS and never had any issues. However, with my new Windows 10 computer, I wanted to use Windows Hello and unlock using fingerprint reader. I couldn't find "unlock with fingerprint" in my desktop Enpass manager, so I searched and found that UWP version in Windows Store can do it. So I bought it and used it for several months on my computer.

However, I noticed lately that when I create a new entry on my Android phone, I'm unable to see it on my desktop and vice versa, even though both Enpass applications claim to be successfully synced with Dropbox. So I looked into my Dropbox and found out, that I have two Enpass files there:

1) vault.enpassdbsync
   - seems to be used by Android application and Enpass Password Manager

2) sync_default.walletx.
  - seems to be used by Enpass UWP version

I want to use only vault.enpassdbsync, but I cannot find any way to export from Enpass UWP version to JSON so I can manually merge the text files.
I wasn't able to find any way to import sync_default.walletx into Enpass Password Manager either.

How can I merge the two files? Is there a way to extract data from sync_default.walletx file?


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Ok, I found a way to load old file type into the new Enpass Password Manager, by creating new vault from existing backup. After that, I was able to export to text file and do whatever comparisons I needed to do (compare by content in Total Commander).

Dear reader, if you ended up here, you could probably use these steps :)

1) Go to "Settings"
2) Select "Vaults"
3) Click "+" button
4) Give it a name
5) Select "Backup File"
6) Select "All file types" in the combo box
7) Find your sync_default.walletx file
8) Et voila! You can now switch between your vaults in the upper left part of the application.

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