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[Solved] Let me add To-Dos to Password-Entries


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today in the train I thought about changing the passwords of some services.
So I had to note it down on my To-Do-Manager.

It would be cool when I could add a To-Do to a password entry.
Let mt right click on a password entry and select "Add To-Do".
Here I could enter any text like "Change Password" or "Add 2FA".

Passwords with To-Dos have a special icon on the right side of the name.
I also can select "Menu -> View -> To-Dos" to see a list of all passwords that have a To-Do.

This way I can note a To-Do on my pone and when I am back home I can see the ToDo and do what I have noted down (like Change the Password, Add 2FA).

Best regards


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in my opinion no special need for that.

It can perfectly handled by tags. A big value of tags is, that an item can be sorted in multiple „folders“ at the same time.

A big advantage than the standard folders in the past.


For your example:




ToDo:Password Table


I also marked my items in this way.


Hopefully I showed an alaternative way to solve your task.





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