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Cloud sync is not working properly (on iOS only?)


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I'm facing the issue that the auto-sync fails in a lot of cases and I have to do a lot of manual syncing work, in comparison to how Enpass 5 handled the sync process. 

Some infos at the beginning: I'm using Enpass 6 along with iOS, macOS and Linux devices, syncing them via my Nextcloud (WebDAV) server. Everywhere is the latest Enpass version installed, but I think the issue exists right from the beginning.


Now, e.g. if I create an item on my Mac and save it, it should be immediately synced into the cloud and when opening the iOS Enpass app the sync process needs to be triggered to make sure I have the latest data. But something seems to go wrong with it. If I now create or edit an item on my iOS device, I'm running into a "Sync Error" that the iOS app stuck with the following issue: "Conflict in syncing data with WebDAV. Resolution required." and I need to manually "Merge" the "two different databases". Why is Enpass not capable of handling it by itself, just comparing the date of editing for each item and saving the latest version (besides the obvious issue of not syncing the database when opening the app)?


Its mega annoying as the auto-sync is almost useless, as I have to do a lot of manual sync to keep my data up to date. On Enpass 5 I can't remember that I had to interrupt the auto-sync process at all and it worked smoothly, as it should to. Please check it out and fix this issue.

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A small update:

It doesn't work the other way round, too. If I edit/remove an item on my iOS device - it's not automatically synced (ok, this issue we've got already) or maybe with a long delay(?), but if I manually sync iOS data to the cloud and open my Mac Enpass app, there is the same issue - no sync triggered when opening the app and there exists a newer version of a database in the cloud.

But if I create another item on my Mac and it's syncing with my cloud, there is at least no such an issue with syncing error and merging two different databases, like on iOS. MacOS handles it in the proper way.

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