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How to re-sync with moved database (solved)


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Hi, the location of my database has moved from one WebDAV location to another. How can I make the Desktop app sync with the new location?

When I start the app (enpass-bin I am asked the master password and the response is "incorrect password" even though in reality the password is correct but database is just not there anymore. I cannot reach any options menu for selecting a different database.

So I removed the user config files, re-installed and rebooted. This made Enpass aware that the configuration files were gone and I was able to select the moved database.


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Problem solved
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It would have been more helpful if you could post a step-by-step illustrating how you did it.

Since ver 6.0 I am having a hard time opening & syncing my data on the "User" side (with "standard" authorizations - though it works flawlessly within Administrative mode.

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